Monday, June 30, 2008


Something nice that everyone should consider doing at one point in their lives, and preferably today, as all it takes is one email: Express to your friends why you care for them, not just that you do. The assumption that they know why is wrong. People rarely know why; they judge based on your actions instead. So tell them what it is you see in them, because those are the words that are going to buoy them up later- when they need it.

And on that note, thanks to YCubed, Muffins, Jordan, Lightman, Simcha, Ibn Avraham and Moshe, who all helped me deal of late. You guys are amazing and you already know it, so we're good on that score.

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one of your former roommates said...

I appreciate you because you always offer help and cheer people up. That's such a beautiful trait of yours!. See,I didn't even have to send you an e-mail.