Monday, January 21, 2008

Tightrope Walker

I was at the Art Institute later and was astonished to find this painting.

I had thought I invented this painting for my story, "ballerina girl." However, apparently it exists outside the story. It is strange when one comes across one's creations in real life. It's like coming face to face with a piece of oneself.


Anonymous said...

Chana,the painting you are talking about is by famous French Jean-Louis Forain-around 1800's. Forain made a strict compositional separation between the realms of illusion (the performer) and reality (the spectator) in The Tightrope Walker. The performer balances precariously above the crowd, her weight forcing the rope to sag until it virtually touches the heads of her admirers. She has no special individuality and seems utterly unaware of her surroundings. In a sense, she is a performing doll, ignored by all but a few in the audience who stroll beneath her.
Thought you might want to know this. Thanks.

arade89 said...

re: demon in my view by amelia atwater-rhodes

arade89 said...

and the secret life of walter mitty (with danny kaye)

Bas~Melech said...

I know the feeling... pretty cool when it happens, but sometimes I feel like, "rats, that was MY image...what's it doing up there with someone else's name?!"