Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Screw this, let's go get popcorn

I have a friend who is truly kind to me; I want to thank him for his kindness.

Despite the fact that I believe in things that he must find naive or foolish, despite the fact that I must seem childish or overly idealistic, he is careful not to hurt my dreams or ideas. He is careful not to disillusion me and not to let his cynical viewpoint negatively affect me in any way; when he tells me anything he prefaces it by explaining that I oughtn't to base decisions off of his ideas.

He doesn't laugh at me or dismiss me or brush me away, even when that would be a legitimate response. Instead he takes the time to explain a situation to me, to try to describe his point of view, and all unknowing, when he does so, he suddenly becomes more real and more human because I can hear in his voice, more than words could tell me, exactly what he feels and what is true. And I know that he is telling me the truth and that he always will; he will simply make the truth as gentle as possible for me. He won't shelter me from it but he will try not to let it change me; he wants me to know enough so that I can judge and judge well but does not want me to know what will hurt or disturb me.

I have to wonder at how careful he is with me, how gentle with his words and ideas. He has the power to harm, to laugh, to mock me if he wished, a strange power that I hadn't realized he held in his hands until tonight! But only tonight, when I see him so gentle and so careful do I realize the alternative and see what he could do and I almost shudder to see what he has not done, what he has been careful not to do. He tells me what I need to know and then cautions me not to worry about it, not to lose sleep over it. It's so considerate and I realize now that I hadn't seen it before.

It's strange and rewarding to discover new facets to a person's character; I know someone one way, but then they reveal another side or suddenly show me what they could do but don't do and then I realize there's so much more; everyone has their hidden depths.

So thank you, my friend, for being so kind to me. Thank you for explaining things and then warning me not to be hurt them. Thanks for making me laugh and changing the topic to make everything more light-hearted.

In the end, when you're making me divide by zero, I agree:

"Screw this, let's go get popcorn."


Jack Steiner said...

Good friends are worth their weight in gold. It is a cliche, but true.

Holy Hyrax said...

yes, but gold buy much popcorn