Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Exhausted is the New Sexy

We're bringing sexy back...

Yes. We, college students of the world over, are bringing sexy back.

Those black bags under your eyes? Don't even try to hide them. Your pale cheek? Or the reddened mark that suggests you've fallen asleep on top of strange objects that have now imprinted themselves upon your skin? Wear it as a badge of pride. That strange blinking or half-dazed winking in the light because your eyes are full of sand? It makes you cool. The smear of ink on the side of your thumb that you're not even going to bother trying to wash off? That's okay.

If you're one of the living dead, a half-dazed zombie making your way through the day, fumbling as you reach for edible-looking items and scaring your friends with the really desperate look on your face, join the club. I've been told by at least seven people that it's illegal for me to be up right now and that I should be sleeping.

But here's what we need to proclaim to the world...

Exhausted is the New Sexy.

We're bringing sexy back...
Them other students don't know how to act.
They think they're special; what's behind your back
Oh, that's a sharpener, so pencils're where you're at
Take 'em to the teach

Zombie girl
You see these pillows,
Baby, self-control
I'll let you lie down if you do the work
Stop telling me that I'm the jerk

Take 'em to the game

Come here, girl
Come on, just finish it
Come to the desk
Come on, just finish it
Come on, just finish it
Pens're on me
Come on, just finish it
Let me see what you're working with
Come on, just finish it
Look at those tips
Come on, just finish it
You make me smile
Come on, just finish it
Come here, child
Come on, just finish it

Get your tired on
Come on, just finish it

I'm bringing sexy back
Them other students don't know how to act
Come let me help you with the things you lack
Like a working mind and sense of tact
Take 'em to the teach

I'm bringing sexy back
Them other students watch while I attack
The homework; now I've got your back
Cause I'm exhausted, and now that's a fact

Take 'em to the game

(Write your own "Sexy Back" lyrics to "Exhausted is the New Sexy." They'll entertain me. Thanks.)


~ Sarah ~ said...

i'm not a college student but i am exhuasted so your version does cheer me up a bit ;)

Holy Hyrax said...

you've gone insane :)

e-kvetcher said...

It's half past midnight, but what the heck,
I'm a programmer, got more code to hack,
You liberal majors best step back,
Hell yeah, I'm bringin' sexy back.

Of course not as groovin' as this guy

Erachet said...


...that sounded so wrong. =D

Anonymous said...


a said...

hahahaha...I'm too exhausted to think of one.

Anonymous said...

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