Monday, August 27, 2007

Compliments, Newspapers and Press

I stayed at the Honors Program Orientation for new students because my friend was there and the man in the yellow hat's friend was there. During the lecture, Rabbi Kanarfogel spoke about the Honors Program students and gave as an example one who is a "blogger of some excellence" who got down his entire speech (and he noted that he speaks quite quickly) verbatim. He has no idea who this blogger is, of course. He then explained his lecture had been picked up by LAMED and he had received numerous complimentary emails about it.

Aside from turning bright red and giggling, so that Dr. Wachtell found out who I am and told Rabbi Kanarfogel he had happened to praise this blogger while she was in the room without his even knowing who I am, and then being introduced to him officially, I have to say I'm really entertained. What are the odds? What are the odds that a second-year student chooses to attend the new students' Honors Program Orientation and hears Rabbi Kanarfogel, in a lecture addressed to all the new students, praise her in particular? This just shows that you are placed wherever God wants you to be...this is quite the most entertaining thing ever.


This is one of our brilliant, competent editors who got our issue of The Observer up online. It is sheer brilliance. Check it out. Read the whole thing. Especially opinions.

You are going to want to be keeping that website on your radar:

Good things happen when Sara Lefkovitz is involved. Very, very good things.


Chana said...

Repost from Anonymous:

Read all of your articles in The Observer/online.
Brilliant and
Very informative.


Thanks very much for the compliment!

I took out the information that could identify me, even though I'm only semi-anonymous. For any questions like that, please write me a personal email? Thanks.

Better question- can you figure out which editorial I wrote? In under half an hour...

That Frum Guy said...

I enjoy your blog. Glad you are getting some recognition in the real world!

Any specific reason you want us to read the opinion section? =P

Unknown said...

I saw the sstud. Thanks for the info!!

Anonymous said...

Who is the new campus couple? Exciting for Stern to finally have someone...

rivkayael said...

The opinion section is excellent. Thank you. Keep up the good work.