Sunday, November 28, 2010

"I Light It" - NCSY Chanukah Musical Remix 2010

What most people do the week before their wedding:

-Frantically attend dress fittings
-Scream at their florists
-Break down in tears
-Call up all their friends
-Seem half-dazed
-Realize their wedding gown is actually a peculiar shade of magenta and therefore do a fascinating imitation of a charging rhino
-Realize they broke the heel of their white satin shoes
-Have dress rehearsals
-Frantically redo the menu

What Olivia Friedman does the week before her wedding:

-Wanders around the entirety of Manhattan (and the odd bit of Brooklyn) alongside Avi Stahler, Alisa Ungar-Sargon and Rachely holding huge signs that say 'Be A Part of Our Holiday YouTube Film.' For two days.
-Asks people to dance in said film and then dances alongside them when they are too nervous/ scared/ uncomfortable dancing alone. Is later edited out of the movie version except for the odd waving hand.
-Explains to people that the film is appropriate, G-rated and exists to support holiday cheer.
-Tells the group that they will get free t-shirts if they dance for us, which means she makes friends with lots of happy homeless people.

Check it out- it's the ultimate dance party!


RT said...

A fun and inspirational video with a clear message. Love the choice of songs,scenery and music! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Finally you and the others got it right-Yiddishkeit is FUN!

Taran said...

Awesome musical. Just totally amazing how you and all the others were able to put it together. and it truly does publicize the miracle of chanuka. yosher koyach!!

Urchin said...

Awesome video!!, and great way of publicizing chanukah. I didn't know you did all that before your wedding but I got to say, that sure is a typical thing you would do!

Anonymous said...

Very fun musical!

SisterBear said...

Except for Lipa WTF is he doing there?

SaraK said...

I love the song and the video, can't stop listening to it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that you were able to have a clear mind, enough to go over to a zillion people- knowing that they are more likely to say no than anything else and also assist with making people feel comfortable dancing, and going. And coming up with ideas for the video, and everything else you did. This one is yours! be proud!

Anonymous said...

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