Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hello Mind

I'm very happy but there's so much sadness all around me so...do I have a right to be happy?

Right know I'm thinking specifically about RivkA of "Coffee and Chemo," who certainly wouldn't want me to be sad on her behalf. Her whole life's message was about love, joy, optimism, perseverance, determination and living inspired. But death is shocking, whenever encountered, and the question always arises: have I a right to be happy in the face of such sadness? People die and leave us and we become fragmented.

But surely we can't be sad all the time, so what then ought to be done?


The Cousin said...

Just as one should not be sad all the time, can one really be in a never changing state of happiness?

Theoretically speaking, there are degrees to emotions. So even if one is happy, it is still possible that some sad events could dampen the magnitude of one's happiness?

Benzie said...

as long as you realize there are sad things around you, you're in good shape. When you lose touch with your surroundings and don't realize there is sadness around you, that will be a problem.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this conundrum is most accute in the western world where individualism is the root and focal point of existence. In other words, this issue is most pressing in lands thick with humanism.

As those who owe their lives to the service of God we are obliligated to be sorrowful at times, but we are also commanded to be joyful at other times.

A servant should only do what his Master asks of him, that is only proper.

And, we are told, Ivdu et HaShem b'simcha(serve God with joy).

And, if we honestly and truly believe in the resurrection of the dead then the permanent loss of our loved ones is not as permanent as present appearances may portray them to be.

That is enough of a reason to be happy, no?