Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Meet My Family!

Just in case you haven't seen these, I hereby introduce you to...

The Curious Jew's Family!

We've got my dominant, strong mother, my gentle, listening father, my social butterfly of a sister and my two brothers.

It's a party.

There's even an example of the party in action...see here.



e-kvetcher said...


Don't know if you've ever visited the Renaissance Faire up by Kenosha. Huzzahs abound there!

Chana said...

I stole "Huzzah" from a girl named Mihwah who I met at the Northwestern CTD summer program during the summer of 10th grade.

She used it all the time; I loved it and adopted it. It is now my byword.

Huzzah :-)

Anonymous said...

I take it that you've been planning to finish this series for quite a time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aahhh. Your family sounds wonderful... I have this strong urge to tell everybody about my family now but no way will I be able to express any of my memories or sentiments as flawlessly as you do, Chana. Wow...impressive l'gamrei...

I especially love the cleaning-for-Pesach scene. Isn't it funny that there is a humor inherent in a house that's being turned over for Pesach? My family's quite different than yours, but it seems like so much is similar in a way as well.
I'm just curious...when you write posts like that, to what extent are they based on what happened exactly? Your brothers seemed to have slightly different accounts of what happened (not that those differences were anything substantial), so I was wondering if you ever gloss over some things or choose to extend other things to give across a specific mood or effect?

Anyway, great conglomeration of posts.

Anonymous said...

And how do you pronounce that--huzzah?...

And what does it mean? Like what other exclamation is it comparable to?


Chana said...


The strange thing is, I actually hadn't. I started off because of Mother's Day and then, well, we had to keep things equal for Father's day, which meant we had to do Dustfinger's birthday and then...you get the idea.

But now I am finished. :-)

Corner Point,

I try not to gloss over things, though of course, as these are tributes, I am not noting in painstaking detail every time I was upset with my siblings. ;-) Honestly, what I try to do is show how each person has their particular skills and how all these skills come together in a cohesive whole to form my family unit (hmm, that sounds more academic than I meant it to sound.)

The only differences are slight- Urchin arranging bottles 2 times instead of 5, for instance. The "Fight Club" conversation didn't happen exactly as noted, but it was pretty close (I can't remember who said which line of dialogue, etc.) Sometimes it's more important to give over the feel of a situation rather than the exact details.

In other news, did you see that the boys commented to their Bar Mitzvah post? You'd probably enjoy it.

And do write about your family; that sounds great! People enjoy tributes. I'm sure they would enjoy whatever you wrote for them.

Chana said...

Oh, and huzzah is quite similar to hurrah!