Sunday, April 29, 2007

JIBS Results and Best Post Voting!

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Thank you all so much for voting!

According to the preliminary results, I get to advance in the category of Best Student Life Blog!

However, when it comes to Best Small Blog, I lost the second place advancement position to Wolfish Musings by one vote! Now, as I nominated Wolfish Musings, I can't feel too bad about this- in fact, I am amazed that I was that close.

And now come the Best Posts!

Here are the categories in which I am nominated:

Best Jewish Religious Post (mine is Off the Derech)

Overall Best Post (mine is Off the Derech) - however, I'm up against On the Main Line's amazing post and Ben Avuyah's post, both of which I love/nominated. So if you vote for those, that's also good.

Best Live Event Coverage Post (mine are The Rav's Vision: The Lonely Man of Faith, a Documentary and History, Truth and Religious Commitment by Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter)

If you liked any of those posts, please vote for them! Thanks.


BrooklynWolf said...

Thank you for the nomination. I'm sorry you lost by one vote... you do have an excellent blog.

The Wolf

Chana said...

No problem! :D You're very welcome. I love your blog. I connect to everything you write about your highschool and family and the right-wing world and admire how logical your critiques are. I often know that something is wrong but have difficulty expressing logically why that's so.

Yehuda said...

How did you manage to go to the future and make a post on May 10th?

Chana said...


When you publish a post, click on 'Options' and you can set the date for any time you'd like. :)

Yehuda said...

But what would be your motivation for traveling into the future?

Chana said...

Wanting to keep this post on top so that everyone sees it! :D

Hence the disclaimer- "This post is sticky."