Friday, April 13, 2007

The JIBS are here!

(Calvin= Unnominated J-blogger)

The JIBS are here!

Here are the categories for which I qualify:

Best Student/ Student Life Blog
Best Live Event Coverage Post (See here.)
Best Small Blog

If you'd like, you can nominate me.

Whether you do or not, many thanks to all you guys. It's just not as much fun without the audience. You're an integral part, you see. Who'd be Calvin's buddy if he didn't have Hobbes?


Anonymous said...

Shepping nachos! LOL! :D
That's awesome!

The Rashblog said...

Don't forget straight up best blog...

Anonymous said...

I vote you! I never heard of this award, It is really cool i am going to make that on my Favorite to check out all other blogs, It sounds so cool!!

the apple said...

Kol hakavod for gaining recognition! What about "Most Well Written blog"?

Jewish Atheist said...

I hope you win something!