Monday, September 26, 2011

what my kids do in class

....before I gave 'em detention, anyway.

It's KIPPA FRISBEE! Like Ultimate Frisbee, but even cooler! So much more fun than learning about how the whole world got destroyed in the time of Noah.


Ezzie said...

Leather kippahs work best.

tinara said...

"the whole world got destroyed in the time of Noah"
it did ?

Anonymous said...

The whole world got destroyed outside the ark.
Inside, it was a virtual ZOO!
That's MUCH more fun than ANY kind of Frisbee.
(Except that Noah had a really hard time. But your students don't have to know that right away.)
Anyway, I'm glad they aren't playing "pencil darts".

Sisterbear said...

AAwwwww I always thought Noah was one of the more exciting stories.

Anonymous said...

As for the ark
it seems that G-d was only buying time. A stove away seed of evil managed to survive lurking behind tar

From a medical point of view it looks like a suppression and not a cure.

The worlds first antibiotic was a failure.