Monday, September 05, 2011

Why Teaching is Like a Wedding

1. You spend most of your time dancing

2. You think on your feet

3. Your goal is to make the most important person/ people in the room love you

4. You don't eat very much

5. The space you are in is decorated beautifully

6. The way you scan the room to determine whether there is anyone you haven't danced with yet and then you go dance with them is similar to the way you check if there's anyone you haven't heard from yet and then call on them

7. You'll cry at least once

8. People say brilliant things

9. You wish you were wearing flats

10. You're really happy


Tzipporah said...

Wow teaching certainly seems to be your thing! It's good that you are enjoying and even lavishing in it so much. It will certainly make a difference in how the kids learn.

Anonymous said...

not you-learning.
Joel Rich

Anonymous said...

i'm posting this on my fridge!


batya r said...

i'm so happy things are going so well!!!!