Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Medley Of Things I Decided You Should Know About Me

1. I like the name 'Brandon'

2. I also like the name 'Jared'

3. My favorite name for a girl is 'Aurora'

4. I have no patience for just about anything except for when someone is crying, in which case I have all the patience in the world

5. My sense of humor is hard to pin down, but there are some things that I find unbelievably funny and want the whole world to enjoy; most of the time, this takes the form of Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque entertainment that happens in real life.

6. A nice black lady was my Mommy on the subway today and instructed me to tell the gentleman in front of me to move so that I could hold on to a pole and resist getting thrown against her.

7. I have dreams that involve putting my cousin's twins to sleep in two separate beds that have the same kind of guards that I used to have on my bed as a child and that the Boys used to have. So it's a mixture of this and pillows. I also dreamed that a green gummy-thingy with gummy black eyes that looked like a Flubber but wriggled on the ground like a snail was given to all of us in a huge auditorium and we needed to kill it as a Korban. But, as I wailed to Heshy first thing in the morning upon waking up, "I didn't kill my Korban, Heshy! It had sad black gummy eyes and I couldn't kill it. Because it talked to me in English and could fly kind of like a little horse and said 'Sit Down.'" At which point Heshy remarked that if the cow at the shechita we observed had spoken to me in English, I wouldn't have been able to kill that cow either. Which led to worries about King Solomon who could speak the animals' languages and how if I were King Solomon I wouldn't be able to eat anything anymore. And resolved itself in Heshy saying he had never watched Flubber and falling back asleep.

8. I love people who have red hair, copper-colored hair or any wig that has any variation thereof. There's just an innate attraction between me and red-haired folks.

9. I love my long subway commute because it means I get to read lots of books. Except I am running out of books that I own and am now re-reading books, which can be fun but is a bit sad.

10. I watch "Pretty Little Liars" for no other reason than because all the main characters are so devastatingly pretty. Particularly Aria. I just stare at Aria all day. I've tried to explain to Heshy that he must come over to the Aria-love by telling him all about how she is the prettiest person anyone has ever seen but he mostly yawns and tells me I need to look in the mirror. At which point I do and sigh unhappily. But anyway, Aria was totally meant to be an arresting medieval portrait that would have earned the painter patronage for the rest of his life.

11. We bought me Steve Madden leggings that have shimmery silver buttons and a zipper going down the sides and they are awesome-looking and cool and I like wearing them.

12. Whenever I reflect on my life and realize, in wonder, that I am in fact a human being, I'm reminded of the amazing Elephant Man scene where he asserts the same.

What random things would you like to share?


Anonymous said...

The post made me laugh.
As far as books go, try the following:

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret (1970), by Judy Blume

The Man Who Loved Children (1940), by Christina Stead

Never Let Me Go (2005), by Kazuo Ishiguro

•Blankets (2003), by Craig Thompson


TPW said...

1) I cannot comfortably leave the house without at least two pens and either paper or post-it notes.

2) My favorite parts of Manattan is the South Street Seaport and the Staten Island Ferry--part of the wanderlust.

3) When I was a little girl and played with my friends, I invariably chose the alias "Josephine." Once, when "Josephine" was taken, I chose "Jemima" and was mocked ruthlessly for being a puddleduck.

TPW said...

I echo RT's recommendation of "Never Let Me Go."

Anonymous said...

It's cold and raining here.
I cut school today.

Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

Ooh... finally someone asked :)
1. I love water
2. I have very little patience for speeches that are irrelevant to me
3. Special K Chocolate-y Delight is pure bliss
4. If i find a song I like, I could listen it to it over and over... (I have one song, that acc. to iTunes I have listened to over 200 times... not including times on my iPod)
5. I love designed album art
6. i like poetry that hurts my head to think about.
7. To anon: I also ditched school today
8. I'll stop here :)
Thanks for asking Chana :)

Josh said...

1. I re-read "The Blind Side" last week, and as I remembered, it's a hundred times better than the movie.

2. Now that I have Tetris on my cell phone, I'm never bored on the subway.

3. I really don't know how we all survived before the Internet was around.

4. Kindles annoy me a little for 2 reasons: (1) I can't imagine reading on a screen, no matter how good the technology, is as enjoyable as reading an actual book printed on paper. (2) It's really fun to look at what books people are reading on the subway, and with kindles, you can't tell.

5. I like getting Newsweek every week, and I'm disappointed the internet is destroying the newspaper and magazine industry.

6. There is no such thing as owning too many seforim. The YU Seforim Sale begins Feb. 6. Everybody, mark your calendars!

7. "Searching for Bobby Fischer" is one of the best movies ever. It's a shame more people haven't seen it. It's not about Bobby Fischer, and while the plot is obviously about chess, it has so many lessons about how to be a good parent, how to be a good teacher, and the nature of competition. (It's on youtube if anyone wants to watch it, here's the link: )

Anonymous said...

You're married for 2 months and you're telling us names you like.

Ichabod Chrain said...

As for names, I've never figured out why so many of the Orthodox in the past 20 years or so have given kids only Hebrew names. I also don't understand why some people in the South use the mother's maiden name as the kid's first name. I like the old fashioned traditional American names-Mike, Bill, Sue, etc.

As for things I have no patience for, I can't figure out why some women wear those little round silvery thingeys on the side of their noses. I think it looks ridiculous.

As for books, try P.G. Wodehouse, Gogol's short stories, and Eric Ambler. Not all of Wodehouse's and Ambler's stuff is first rate, but their better books are well worth reading.

Philo said...

Here's my facts:

Dan said...

Try G.K. Chesterton. so much intricate detail.

Patience? Little kids who have yet to learn the art of lying.

I love Biblical Hebrew names like Ruth Daniel and David. They have meaning and stories attached, are are not too weird, so that kid has self confidence.

FeistyFrummy said...

I also love watching pretty little liars just because I'm in awe of their beauty! Thank you for being brave enough to admit that! You're blog is awesome by the way! :)

Bad4 said...

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