Thursday, January 20, 2011

The OU Is Coming To Boro Park!

So first an OU Employee (moi) marries a Hasid.

Then the OU decides to actually go to Boro Park!

They're going to be leading a cool 'Ask OU' session focusing on kashrus. I really want to know what the connection between OU and heimish hechsherim is, so everyone in Boro Park, you should totally go and tell me what you learn by commenting to this blog! Thanks.


sarabeth said...

Would love to, but it seems the OU also decided to exclude women from the event.

Chana said...

It wasn't on purpose, Sara- it's just that apparently there's limited seating at wherever this venue is (I've never seen the venue, so I don't know about it). Probably if the OU sees there is an interest, they will start doing more events in Boro Park and opening them to women as well.

sarabeth said...

Keep me posted.

chaim said...

Chana,if you work for the OU,you should know the answer to your question,and the answer is a simple one,every single HECSHER from the so called chareidi and chasidish organizations,is predicated on a previous hechsher from the OU on all the ingredients that go into that item,for instance,take the salami or the frankfurters,where Satmar gives the Hechsher,they realy only give the hechsher for the cattle or the chicken that was slaughtered under their supervision,but on the 30 or 40 different food additives and chemicals that go into the salami,they have no idea about the kashrus,therefore they rely 100% on the OU's certification of the above ingridients.And the same goes to all the other Hechsheirim,like for cookies candies etc.etc.