Sunday, October 19, 2008

The World's Sexiest Raincoat

The World's Sexiest Raincoat... belongs to ME!!!!

Not only that, I can double as Trinity on Purim! I have a new Purim costume! All I need are the glasses and the gun (I already have the boots) and voila, we have Trinity.

Calvin Klein is awesome.


Anonymous said...

You are the one


AK said...

You got it in shiny black?
The plum and gold are just as sexy.
looking forward to seeing you wear it.

Chana said...

anonymous 10:47- ha, that applies to Neo- but thanks.

ak, yup, in black- hold on a second, do I know you? where would you see me wear said coat?

Anonymous said...

i agree with you comment chana black raincoat screams bloody murder get out lol j/k enjoy yom tov bye for right now looking a great friendship
be well and all should be the best

Ben Rosenfeld

Gavi said...

Something about black raincoats... both my wife and I own them.

Personally, I prefer a dull finish - but hey, if you want the Trinity look...

Enjoy it and the rest of Chag!

SemGirl said...

No fair, lol.. We all want to see a pic of you in the raincoat..

Have a great yom tov, Chana

Elster said...

I didn't know you were African American. Cool.

Stern student said...

Elster's comment made me smile. Chana,the picture you chose does resemble your weight and height pretty accurately,but not your race. Hope you had a nice yom tov.