Friday, October 24, 2008

Cruelty Undone

The latest episode of "House" begins with the song "Cheap and Cheerful" by The Kills. There is one line there that struck me.

...I want expensive sadness...

I can think of situations where that is true. That's pretty depressing. But...House & Wilson! Thank the gods!

Other than that, Chuck & Blair! Chuck & Blair! Chuck & Blair!


(Set opens to Blair's room, beautifully arranged, with lots of tall candles- she is in the middle of the bed, wearing stunning lingerie)

Blair: What took you so long?
Chuck: (very deliberately) If you thought that was long, you have no idea what you're in for.

*insert the beginnings of a love scene*

Chuck: Say it.
Blair: (breathless) Say what? I'll say anything.
Chuck: Say those three words you wanted me to say.
Blair: Are you kidding?
Chuck: Not quite. Eight letters. Three syllables. Say them and I'm yours.
Blair: (impatient, apprehensive) But- I'm already yours (deflecting) -you're ruining the mood, all this talk!
Chuck: You can't say it. (pause) You wanted it from me.
Blair: (reconciliatory tone) I'm prepared to settle.
Chuck: Maybe I'm not.
Blair: Chuck Bass- (pause)- I- will never say those words to you.
Chuck: Then you will never have me.
Blair: Is this because of Vanessa? It was a game, Chuck. That's it.
Chuck: Maybe I want to raise the stakes. We've already played that game; I chased you for long enough. Now it's time you chased me.

Brilliant scene because it finally makes Blair seem vulnerable (hurrah vulnerable!) Nasty, cruel, vindictive and manipulative as she is (and as cold as Chuck sometimes seems), the entire reason anybody watches Gossip Girl is to find out that the cruelest people have feelings, too.


Anonymous said...

O yes!
This was the scene to die for! The irony of it is that scenes like this do take place in real life more often than not.
Chana,you always pick up on juicy details. Have a good shabbos.

Anonymous said...

Bad people always do feel something
they don't want to be bad they just have there own intuition which makes
them feel bad have judge people favorably and see the best of them
have a great shabbos all the best be well and thank you very much bye now

Ben Rosenfeld

Anonymous said...

Your post raises the interesting question of tora umada boundaries. At what point do the universal themes get outweighed by the prurient communication vessel?

Joel Rich

Anonymous said...

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