Monday, May 12, 2008

The Year in Review!

Here comes the fun!

This year, I have participated/ attended/ been part of:
And this is nothing compared to what this year actually contained...and by this I mostly refer to all the people I met during the course of this year, many of whom are wonderful individuals I am privileged to have as friends.

I'm still not done + next year will be here soon.

Let the good times roll!


Aaaron from YU said...

Chana,you are one busy lady!
What are your plans for the summer?

Ruslan like said...

Congrats on yet another successful year!
I love to read your fairy tales...Are you planning to write a new tale soon? By the way,have you ever read "Ruslan and Lyudmila"? You'll love it for it's full of the kind of magic you seem to use in your tales.

Yosef said...

I guess attending a Chronos party didn't make it onto the list?

Chana said...


fixed! :D

Syms student said...

Chana, the Rigmarole you did last time was loads of fun, can you do it again featuring the new people you have met this year?

Uptown guys said...

" And life's a learning process that goes for one and all..."

Great summary!
Keep on learning and enjoy!

The Cousin said...

Strangly absent from the list...

Visiting your cousins' new apartment


Okay, granted, it was barely furnished/decorated till the other day...or the fact that most of the furniture is still being assembled...all small details

Chana said...


now that would be telling...

ruslan like,

I have never read "Ruslan and Lyudmila" but will definitely check it out now that you recommend it to me; thanks!


no, I'm afraid not..but thanks!

uptown guys,

out of curiosity, since I see you comment here every so often- are you really more than one person? do I know you? can you email me?

the cousin,

is that an invitation? ;D

The Cousin said...

the cousin,

is that an invitation? ;D

Um, let me finish building the furniture (Ikea) first...

and hopefully my roomate will finally have finished putting the gazillion items of clothing and shoes that they own away... :)

Simeon said...

Chana- this list is the best idea I've seen in a while. I'm going to make one now for myself.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Congratulations on almost finishing year one. Sounds very rich and fulfilling.

Wishing you continued success and growth.