Friday, July 06, 2007

People are Beautiful

The majority of the time, people really are beautiful. It's easier to see it, though, when someone does you a kindness. Then you step back and blink and realize just how wonderful people can be.

So here are two kindnesses that have been done for me lately and which have completely amazed me.

  • My friend was in London to attend his friend's wedding. On his last day there, he happened to recall a Facebook group I had created in honor of Cleolinda Jones' excellent Movies in Fifteen Minutes series. He somehow remembered how much I had wanted the book, but currently the book is only being sold in the UK. I had decided to await its coming out in the USA (assuming it ever does) rather than spend the extra money on shipping. Instead, he went completely out of his way, found a bookstore (for this specific purpose) and bought me a copy. So I wake up that morning to find a Facebook message cheerily informing me I now own this book. Which is just insanely wonderful, because I love this author's parodies and had been sadly thinking I'd never get to read the rest of them.

  • My friend Canadian Princess returned from Israel and informed me that at some point we should go out for dinner. I assumed this was a polite formality, because I was sure she would be busy and I have a somewhat impossible schedule. Yesterday, however, she calls me up in order to tell me we're going to dinner; it's my choice of place, no protesting because it's all planned. Firstly, that was incredibly sweet. Secondly, being a good person unlike myself, she actually bought me presents all the way from Israel! And not only did she buy me presents, but she bought me incredibly thoughtful presents (a glittering fairy with a book- it's perfect; it's sparkly and there's a book and she's a fairy and I love her- and The Perks of Being a Wallflower in Hebrew (and she special-ordered that, because they didn't have any copies left in stock!) Which is superbly awesome. And it's not even my birthday.)
So obviously, thank you to those specific people.

And in general, huzzah for all the really thoughtful, considerate, kind, giving people I am privileged to know!

It's great to wake up in the morning and realize that what you are thinking is... that people really are beautiful.


Sara with NO H said...

Hey, your anon sounds a lot like mine on my

I have so many stories of little random things people have done for me that brightened my day. Occasionally a friend steps out of the shadows that you think they were in and surprise you. It's nice to have friends like that, and you're lucky to have them :)

Sarah Likes Green said...

that's a lovely post.
it's always good to remember that there are such wonderful people out there.

Scraps said...

People are beautiful. It's especially comforting to realize that when too many of them have let you down, and then someone comes through and reminds you of the goodness of the human race.