Saturday, April 20, 2013

Imagined Conversation Between Tamerlan and Dzokhar

I still don't understand how this went down.

Tamerlan: I follow radical Islam and think that we need to teach the USA a lesson.
Dzokhar: Whatever, dude, I'm watching Game of Thrones right now.
Tamerlan: How about we buy some pressure cookers and turn them into bombs?
Dzokhar: Cool! We'll be like that guy on "Breaking Bad," running a meth lab out of his house.
Tamerlan: And then we can blow up half the world at the Boston Marathon.
Dzokhar: Totally, dude. I'm right there with ya. Just let me finish eating this Nutella sandwich.

I mean, where's the part where Dzokhar says "Bro, I hate to break it to ya, but that's kind of a crazy idea, and NO, I won't help you blow up half the world?"

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Amateur said...

No doubt that if one of us would have been a fly on the wall, listening to their conversations and observing their interaction, we would understand their behavior a bit better.

I surmise they didn't think they would get caught. At least not so quickly. They probably felt like they will be a needle in a haystack.
They severely underestimated the FBI's efficiency. (when they put their minds to something, the FBI is quite formidable.)
The common-sense thing for the brothers to do would have been to (pre plan to) head straight to the airport following the blasts. Unless they didn't think they could be so swiftly identified.

I'm not a criminologist, but I speculate that they were basically motivated by 3 things.

One, feeling like foreigners, (and losers) they were slowly self-brainwashed, bit by bit, by fanatical Islamic extremism.

Two, the delusion of self-importance. As in "Nobody knows our secret. We are super-villains in disguise!" (Of course, all in the name of religion.)
Note that Dzokhar went to school the next day. Who knows how many smirks he had to suppress while overhearing his classmates and friends discussing the bombing. He may have even chimed in from time to time. It must have been a blast for him. (no pun intended.)

Three, The great expectation of being worshipped as heroes by terrorist groups worldwide.
This too goes to ego-inflating, but is combined with the sweet taste of revenge against Western civilization.
Your average fanatical Islamic militant/terrorist blames all of their spiritual and worldly woes upon the "West".

I still consider N.Y. the #1 target for terrorists, but these cowards were probably aware of the constant heightened security in N.Y.
Plus they were likely too lazy and cheap to make the trip to the Big Apple.

Again, I don't claim to be an expert. I only offer food for thought.