Friday, January 18, 2013

Video Editing Downloadable/ Cloud-Based Software

I'm hoping Techy people can help me.

I want to assign my students to make a video mashup. But: it's not just resplicing some video clips and adding a song in the background (for example, the way the "Scary Mary" trailer is). I want them to be able to cut and paste different clips from different videos together while blanking out the video's sound, adding in snippets of conversation as audio and also a track/ song in the background.

So in terms of layers we have:

1. Video Layer
2. Audio of numerous different people speaking, all taken from different mp4s or mp3s
3. Different background music tracks that play while all this is going

So far, none of the video platforms that I've seen do this- and I've looked at and and Mozilla Popcorn Maker. Does anyone have any leads about something that could do this and that is relatively intuitive to use?


Shocked said...

My personal suggestion would be to have them work on the files independently and then combine them. That is, let them create the audio file using an audio editor, the video file using a video editor, etc.

I can see why it's tempting to have them do it all at one shot, but these programs generally aren't particularly user friendly in my experience and could be too much to handle for complete beginners.

That being said, and seem to be geared towards what you're looking for.

Hope that helped a bit.

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