Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Rabbi's Daughter

There's a film going around the Internet that focuses on three different women who are the daughters of rabbis. In contrast to the majority of films that talk about the way that members of the community leave, this one is not angry, it is not filled with vitriol; in fact, it is the opposite. It shows three free-spirited women, two of whom appear to be very artistic, and the chasms that divide them from their parents. But what I loved, and what I found deeply affecting, was the love that their parents show to them. Their fathers speak and walk with them; their mothers embrace them. These are parents who love their children despite the difference in their paths. I found the film very moving. It made me cry.

The most beautiful quote, for me, was the one where Rabbi Aviner's daughter says, "I like to imagine that, after we die, and become only our souls, that I'll meet my Dad and we'll have only 'Daddyness' between us, without strain, without embarrassment and without distance, and with just the most essential feelings between us." But so much of the film was poetic that I am hard-pressed to choose only one.

Watch the film at this link (just click here).


tesyaa said...

There's something really wrong with us if we're conditioned to expect vitriol, conflict and hatred between a parent and a child when a child chooses a different path than the parents.

Chana said...

That's not what I was saying, Tesyaa. I was saying that the FILMS that are out there made by people who have left Orthodoxy are usually filled with vitriol, conflict, hatred or condemnation.

frum single female said...

Yes, I agree with you Chana. This was beautifully done. A lot of the films out there are very angry or with extremes.