Monday, January 17, 2011

There's An OU For You

What does the Orthodox Union do?

Before I started working here, I didn't know either.

Watch this video to find out.


Anonymous said...

1. The common theme in explaining the different divisions was their top-down approach. Healthy?

2. The OU has definitely changed it's tune on the use of the funds in the kashrut division. It used to be, IIRC, that the goal was to keep the costs of certification down, so as to get more products certified. This was why the OU would accept money to certify plastic bags, so as to subsidize the costs of certification of meat, or overseas products.

Twice in this video was the inference made that OU Kosher was a money-making operation to help offset the cost of the rest of the Ou's operations.

Malka said...

Isn't JSU also an OU organization?

Anonymous said...

WOW, can i join?