Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go Ahead And Laugh

Go ahead and laugh.

God knows I am. Hysterically. Mostly because I can't fathom how I'm going to drag all that down five flights of stairs. I don't suppose any of you are moving and in need of moving boxes?

I should be happy about this. Intellectually, I'm thrilled. It's very nice of everyone to give me gifts and the boxes are a consequence of the nice gifts. However. I can't handle it. It's overwhelming. And I think my super is starting to dislike me, mostly because this castle of boxes ends up where the garbage is at and he's upset because it's blocking the passageway. And I kind of wonder whether he thinks I'm Hermione and know magical shrinking spells. Although in truth, he's been super nice about the whole thing.

In any case. Point being: have a laugh. I am Queen of a Castle of Cardboard.


Abacaxi Mamao said...

Why don't you break the boxes down and carry them that way? If you have some string or tape and can bundle them, that would make it even easier on both you and the super. Once flattened, you can lean them against a wall so they don't block any points of entry or egress, which is probably a finagle fire hazard for the building.

Anonymous said...

The box I sent my unique gift in was actually made from wood pulp of the rare Reevesia pubescens tree from the Himalayan mountains. To obtain the pulp, these trees must be fertilized with the dung of an extinct feline native only to southern India. Then, the tree wood must be softened by being struck by lightening, and then digested by Dilobocondyla bangalorica, a newly discovered ant species in Bangalore. Only after retrieving the digested wood pulp from millions of these ants can the box be created. This allows for the ideal mixture of strength and softness to ensure that my gift is protected and cushioned on its journey to your home.

Ezzie said...

What Abacaxi said. Take a key, break 'em down, flatten them, and tape them (that's how you're supposed to recycle cardboard anyway). 100x easier to carry, and much less obtrusive.

The Cousin said...

Agree with the above ^^^ break down the boxes and keep them together. Not only will the super appreciate it immensely, it's a lot easier to handle.

Alternative idea--are there any children in your building? Perhaps offer the kids (or their parents) an empty box for the kids to play with! There are countless hours of fun to be had with large empty boxes!

For example, kids could use the boxes as a Transmogrifier and the Cerebral Enhance-o-tron!
[Or they can cut out a panel, use it as a "TV"....and so on)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the adventures of getting married. How fun! You need about half an hour to take care of the boxes. And where is your chasan in all of this? Call him for help.

Anonymous said...

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