Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Calling All Teenagers/ High-Schoolers

If you are currently attending an Orthodox Jewish high school (single sex or coed), please email me at OliviaNCSY@gmail to answer the following questions (you can do this totally anonymously and I don't plan to share the information with any adults, teachers or other authority figures):


a) what is your experience of Judaism at home/ role modelled by your parents?
b) what is your experience of Judaism at high school
c) what is your experience of Judaism elsewhere/ outside of school/ summer camps or trips etc
d) what is your experience of Judaism on NCSY/ JSU programs

Do you keep half-Shabbos or full-Shabbos (basically, do you text on Shabbos), do you eat out at non-kosher restaraunts (and if so, by yourself, with friends or with family), have you been on Miami spring break and if so how would you describe your religiosity there? Is your Judaism meaningful to you? Why or why not? What (if anything) would make you care about your Judaism?

Please also just tell me whether you attend a single-sex all boys school, a single-sex all girls school or a coed school. If you can tell me which state it's located in, that would also be helpful.

Feel free to use fake names/ be totally anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Please explain what half-Shabbos means?

Philo said...

Piece of advice - kids will more readily respond to your survey if you briefly explain that you need it for a research project or whatever. I'm sure you didn't mean it this was, but it currently comes off as a demand, rather than a request.