Monday, February 08, 2010

I Need A Job

I need a job that gives me health insurance. I can start this job whenever you, friendly reader, hire me. I can start tomorrow. Or this summer. You let me know.

Here's what I'm good at:

-English Literature
-Tanakh (but no, I cannot teach in Hebrew)
-Public speaking

Here's what I'd ideally want to do:

-Motivational speaking
-Writing a column someplace
-Teaching English literature
-Work on a talk show
-Something to do with toys, toy-stores, or designing toys (or dolls)
-Something really interesting and unconventional

Who knows of jobs I can apply for?


Anonymous said...

Full disclosure, I have no jobs to offer. I do, however, have a teenager who doesn't think she could stand working in an office job when she is ready to enter the workforce. Your mention of health insurance reminds me of the fact that I got married to a man with insurance, and also started a full time job, within weeks of my college graduation, so I was covered both ways.

Realistically, who dreams of working in an office job? But those are the jobs that have the benefits, not the "unconventional" or "interesting" things that more often than not are freelance oriented.

So jobs you can apply for:
*editorial - entry level
*teaching assistant - entry level
etc, etc

Anonymous said...

Check if you can buy health insurance through your school. It is commonly available (sometimes mandatory) for full time undergraduates and all graduate students.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to get your graduate degree sometime this year? If yes, you can apply to most Jewish elementary and high schools for a Bible and secular studies teaching positions . School administrators usually give people like yourself a serious consideration. Try the well- known schools in Teaneck, Passaic and in Manhattan. Also, you can find a position @ YU. Check their employment website or do some networking, contact friends and teachers. I'm sure YU would love someone with your personality and PR skills. Good luck!

Chana said...


Thanks! I commiserate with your teenage daughter.

Anon 5:22,

Yeah, I'll look into that, but I need to get a job anyway.

Anon 5:32,

Nope, I wouldn't get my degree till January 2011. Revel takes at least a year and a half.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are not going to be covered by your parents' medical insurance starting August 2010. How come?

Unknown said...

Are you eligible for medical assistance?
I know many yeshiva students eligible for medical assistance.
I would think you would want to continue for your doctorate.

Anonymous said...

Had the same problem - bought insurance through the school.

Or you could try this:

Unknown said...

And if you really desire to begin working now if YU DOES NOT OFFER YOU AN IMMEDIATE JOB THEY WILL BE MAKING A MAJOR MISTAKE.

The Cousin said...

Sorry, no jobs that really fit your description with my company at the present time.

Not sure what the market is for your skill set--but one possibility I'll throw out is that you could work freelance--and in the process do things like write columns, teach/tutor etc. Then for insurance you can possibly get it through a group like the Freelancers Union.

Oh--and don't be so quick to disparage office work! Sometimes it can present you with a myriad of daily surprises and adventures.

Also--this may be a bit "off the beaten path" for you--but if memory serves me, some retail establishments may even offer health benefits. I know Starbucks used to offer health benefits (a co-workers daughter actually worked there for that reason).

yosef said...

Barnes and Noble gives health insurance after 2 months, my fiancee works there.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


youll just have to wait quite some time for that

The Cousin said...

Have you looked into working in a bookstore or even library? I think you'd fit in perfectly at either place!

If you (or anyone else) would just like some extra money--why not consider volunteering for a clinical trial?

/shameless work related plug

Jon said...

yeah i need a job with health insurance as well. depending on where you live, your parents plan, etc. you might be able to stay on their plan as a student. so you might want to find some place where you can take classes for cheap. what i would not do is invest tons of money in a grad program simply to get cheaper health insurance, since in that case you might as well just buy the insurance yourself. check to see what kind of COBRA benefits you are eligible for.

Michaltastik said...

Most of the jobs you described usually require a bachelor's or even a masters degree and some don't pay very well at all (like working on a talk show-anything in TV pays crap is what I hear.) Motivational speaking requires speaking for no pay before you start getting paid gigs and it doesn't come with health insurance. It's lucky you don't live some place like Buffalo, where I grew up. There twenty-one year olds work grunt jobs as the norm.

Anonymous said...

why do you need a job now? parents decided to cutt you off or something?

Anonymous said...

bais ezra (ohel) overnight positions allow plenty of reading time if your willing to mess with your sleep cycle. they also have weekend shifts if you can be at a home every other shabbos.