Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Purim!

Let's just say I don't have a future in histology.

Tissues laugh at my efforts to differentiate between them. I have the power to declare skeletal cardic, cardiac skeletal, and areolar cardiac. I use this power well...

Let us also take the time to remark upon my significantly painful and purpling index finger on my left hand. Let us be saddened over this finger's encounter with a particularly menacing garbage can today.

Let us then look down at my untied black combat boots and curse them under our breath. These boots have failed me. Today they allowed me to slip down six steps, the phone in my hand spinning out of control and dazedly landing against the wall as I slammed onto the floor, lying on my backpack. *insert expletive here* Tears came to my eyes and two concerned girls rushed over. I assured them it was only my pride that had been wounded, but I now have a protesting shoulder to match my wounded finger.

Am I clumsy or just accident-prone, we wonder? And we continue wondering.

Let us also now provide, for the reader's benefit, a significantly entertaining conversation from this morning.

    Girl: So I have to memorize all the names of the Greek goddesses and what they all do for Avodah Zarah class.

    (droning in the background)

    Chana: (swivels around) There's an Avodah Zarah class? Who teaches it? That sounds so cool! So you're learning all about the different types?

    Girl: Actually, I meant English Literature.

*insert Chana's unforgiving expression*

Now, for all those of you who want a good read by an excellent friend of mine (I wonder if it's a compliment or an insult to her if I say she's more to the right than I am- I'll assume that for this gang, it's a compliment,) I direct you to Meanderations. Keep this one on your list, folks. It'll be worth it. I have decided.

Now, down to business. What are you dressing up as for Purim? Fun plans? Am I going to see you? (No, I'm not giving out where I'll be...)

Happy Purim, everyone!


Looking Forward said...

on purim I'm pretty unimaginative.

I just wear a black silk coat that I found for an absolute rock bottom price, a gartel and a shtrymel that I sewed together my self. (when I should have been at seder I might add.)

same thing, every single year. (I don't usualy wear those.)

M.R. said...

Chana is veeery funny. We are entertained. And, as does Chana, we like being entertained. Is it sadistic to be happy that your finger and shoulder got hurt, because I got the pleasure of hearing about it? Probably. Oh, well.
Lovely quote heard from mine roomate: The masochist says, "hurt me, hurt me," and the sadist smiles and says, "No."

And, of course, thank you for linking me. I am touched (cyberhugs style) and honored.

Unknown said...

Chana: (swivels around) There's an Avodah Zarah class? Who teaches it? That sounds so cool! So you're learning all about the different types?


So, what does Sugar & Spice mean? Is that good?

Anonymous said...

Woah! An avoda zara class! I'd sign up also!

Of course, just because I take great joy in smashing idols to the smithereens. Never mind me.

I reccommend that you dress up in m.r's Muslim Banana sash, with cardboard boxes on your head. Or perhaps those sort of costumes are only funny when it's 2 am and Jackie is but half-conscious. ;-)

A freilachen purim!

SJ said...

Hahaha to the three previous comments...and refuah sheleimah to you injuries...and why is it always you who hears these conversations? I've never heard a convo in that vein, and apparently, you do all the time! Maybe you have a special radar sense to hear these things. Well, anyway, you know where I shall be for Purim and I know where you shall be and what you shall be wearing that you have planned from months and months ago and I'm sure it shall look lovely and I shall miss you on Purim and everyone shall hear our lovely voices over the internet and we shall be revealed for the nutcases we truly are...hoorah! I love run-on sentences! Hope you have an easy and meaningful fast, and a sameach/freilachen/happy Purim!

David Melamed said...
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The Rashblog said...

"Girl: Actually, I meant English Literature."

Wow. That's.. yeah.

I won't be disclosing where I'll be for Purim either, but I dare say it is mightily improbable that I won't be seeing you.

David Melamed said...
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YMedad said...

Great podcast entry over at the Muqata. I'm so jealous, but s-o-o-o jealous that you were able to record and I couldn't manage it. A freilecha Purim.

Tobie said...

Girl: Actually, I meant English Literature.

Silly girl. Doesn't she realize that calling it Avodah Zara class makes her miss out on the opportunity to point out the evils of its pritzus and/or violence? I think "Big 3" class is so much more inclusive.