Monday, February 28, 2011

Money Quote about Zenga Zenga!

So by now I hope you've watched "Zenga Zenga" if only because it is so incredibly awesome.

Judith Levy wrote a great article about this in The Washington Times.

This is the money quote:
    "This little incident also publicizes something I believe to be one of Israel's most valuable strengths -- the ability of so many of its people to take the sting out of something that looks unrelentingly grim, and in the process to diminish it and make it mentally manageable. That's a talent that can be difficult to explain to people abroad; this video demonstrates it beautifully. I love the characteristically Israeli, off-the-wall, impromptu creativity of the idea. Most of all, I love the thought of young Arabs and Jews uniting, however briefly and remotely, over two minutes of ridiculous trance music."
So true. I love this quote.


Vignoble said...


But as an orthodox woman couldn't you preferably linked


Anonymous said...

What does zenga(street in arabic) have to do with this song?
The video is interesting to watch, the dancing girls are a nice touch. He is clearly a monster!


Anonymous said...

Zenga means "alley". It's from Quaddafy's speech where he said "Alley (by) alley"