Thursday, February 24, 2011

Idea Paint

You know that scene in "A Beautiful Mind" where John Nash is writing all over his windows with slim crayons?

Were you ever that child who colored on your wall (I was) ?

Why should you buy a $200 can of paint?

These things are related.

The answer to the question is:

Absolutely the most brilliant concept ever. It's paint that turns any surface into a whiteboard upon which you can use dry-erase markers. It's incredibly, amazingly useful. You can draw all over your wall. You can paint your ideas there. You can make a life-sized calendar. Or dinosaur. You can let your child color on the ceiling.

Assuming my landlord lets me (and/or I move or buy a house of my own), I'm totally painting the wall with IdeaPaint. It is God's gift to humanity. It is the best gift ever. It is humanity gone wild. It is better than the iPod. It is AWESOMENESS INCARNATE.

The possibilities are endless. It's beyond entertainment. It's a whole My life will become writing everywhere- on doors, desks, refrigerators and walls!

You should tell YU about it so that they can throw out all the clunky whiteboards and professors can start writing on walls.

Hat-tip: Duvi Stahler


Anonymous said...

Fun for adults, but I hesitate about the application to children. Just imagine what happens if the kid isn't clear on the fact that you've got something special on your wall, and proceeds to use his friend's wall as a whiteboard. "No really, it works. We do it all the time. I'll show you..."
That said, my inner child loves the idea.

Anonymous said...



Malka said...

Do they make magnetic whiteboard paint? (My friends painted a wall of their kitchen with magnetic paint. Very cool to see someone just stick a magnet to a plaster wall.)

Noam said...

Be'ezrat Hashem next painting..............