Friday, February 27, 2009

The Observer: Issue 5!

It's that time of the month again!

The Observer is out!

This issue's main topic, "Depression in the Orthodox Community" is dedicated to my friend Shimon.

Those of you who remember Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot's groundbreaking article entitled "Dimensions: A Young Man's Story of Torment: Surviving Depression," which was published in Jewish Action in 2001 will be thrilled to see he has followed it up with an interview he has given us at The Observer. The interview includes his thoughts on how depression is perceived by the Jewish community now that it's been 8 years since his original article, how he came to write that piece, and other thoughts and suggestions regarding depression.

As part of our powerhouse lineup on the series, we also have an interview with Dr. David Pelcovitz on depression. This offers a different point of view, because rather than discussing the issue from personal experience, Dr. Pelcovitz answers in his capacity of psychologist.

See the rest of our articles on depression and mental health in the Features section.

And then, of special interest to all the bloggers, we have an interview with our very own Jameel!

Also check out the fact that the women's Purim Chagiga was supposed to be moved, but won't be, in the end, there's going to be a new Masters program here at Stern, and a Wilf student was almost a victim of a crime.

There's a fascinating new television show out called "Dollhouse;" read all about it here.

It's important to care for the homeless, rebuild New Orleans, and swab to join the Gift of Life Registry.

There's plenty more- so check it out!


Anonymous said...

"Why didn't you go to Israel?" is a question that undermines the beautiful complexity and rich heritage of the Jewish religion.
or maybe someone is just trying to understand the beautiful complexity and rich heritage of the Jewish religion?
Joel Rich

a reader said...

A great issue with many thought-provoking articles!

Anonymous said...

The Dr. Pelcowitz article is quite an indictment of MO parents - any pulpit Rabbis in the audience?.
Joel Rich

Anonymous said...

The Serving Orthodox Mental Health seekers piece IMHO should have dealt (or been a separate article) with the possible friction between the treatments dictated by halacha and those by the profession.
Joel Rich

landsman said...

Chana,this is an extremely well planned issue with great articles. Kudos!

Aaron said...

Found the articles on depression informative. Nice issue overall.

YU student and friends said...

Chana, the purim issue -The Obsessor is such a delight!
What a tastefully and really well-done issue!
Great job!

Borei said...

You might be interested in my newish blog that covers the interplay between depression (and other mental health issues) and tefillah. It's at I know that someone has gotten the word out at YCT, but I would love it if you could help me get the word out at YU/Stern. Thanks, and kudos on a great issue!