Thursday, December 04, 2008

To Bear The Light

Grandfather's voice was quiet but strong. "Empty yourself, Vicky. You're all replete with very thee."

No, no. Not with me. With darkness.

Grandfather reprimanded. "You have to give the darkness permission. It cannot take you over otherwise."

But I hadn't given it permission. It had come, as suddenly and unexpectedly as death had come and taken the child in my arms.

"Vicky, do not add to the darkness."

I stood at the hospital bed, still alien in Grandfather's study, and looked at him, thin and translucent as an El Greco-

Where had I thought that before?

At Commander Rodney's funeral.

I heard him and I did not hear him.

"Vicky, this is my charge to you. You are to be a lightbearer. You are to choose the light."

"I can't..." I whispered.

"You already have. I know that from your poems. But it is a choice which you must renew now."

I couldn't speak.

He reached out and drew me to him, kissing me gently on the forehead. "I will say it for you. You will bear the light." He kissed me again. "Now go." He lowered the bed and closed his eyes.

~A Ring of Endless Light, pages 325-326

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Ari said...

An interesting dialogue.
Reminds me of our obligation as Jews to be the source of shining light to the world in spreading kindness and knowledge.