Monday, November 19, 2007

Horrible Day

Today has definitely been one of the worst days of my life. Mostly this is because I was cruel to a friend of mine, which has been weighing on my conscience for the latter part of the day (and while I was fretting over it, Hitman was good enough to smack me upside the head about it, as it were. Though very kindly, logically and gently. He's much nicer to me than he ought to be when I deserve to be yelled at.) But add into that a whole lot of stress (seven papers and much copyediting await me) and a poor test grade and you get a really, really miserable day.

It was salvaged by the following things:

1. This conversation with my English teacher.

"Yeah, so I have seven papers to write. English major, you know."
"Yeah- well you write like one!"
"That's so nice of you to say!"
"You have this really neat way of presenting an argument....almost legal, I would say."
"Yeah? I've been told to be a lawyer numerous soon as they find you reasonably articulate they tell you to be a lawyer."
"Hey, me too!"

After which the English professor and I had an absolutely fantastic class (and talked about crazy comic strips and learning Song of Songs in Hebrew, in addition to my hatred for Cordelia in "King Lear") which I made happen (anyone who was in it can attest to that.) So that rocked.

2. Brown's incredibly sweet email to me (thanks Brown.)

3. Getting my own copy of the Movies in 15 Minutes book that is only published in the UK

4. Aaron Kogut's waving down the shuttle for me. By far the best moment of my day. See, I was running in heels to try to make the 11:00 shuttle (of course I started running at 10:57) and there was no way I was making it. Aaron was running alongside me and explaining MedEthics along the way. We give up as we watch it pull out. Aaron explains that he shall wave it down for me "I have a loud voice and can shout!" he explains and suggests waiting by a different stop (I hadn't know the shuttle came by this route; I'm an absentminded professor.) Except we're giggling because this is so surreal and he ends up walking into a pillar, laughing at himself, continuing to explain bizarre, ridiculous MedEthics situations and then waves down the shuttle for me. So Aaron Kogut is my hero. He also promised to save me from committing suicide (I told him I would call him while poised over the bridge...long story and a different conversation.) He's got this very dry, candid sense of humor. Which just rocks my world. So Aaron Kogut, MedEthics Pres, is definitely one of the coolest people ever. Also a gentleman; he handed my coat to me! Aaron, you prove that Canadians are awesome. And no, before you ask, as you inevitably do...Aaron is my friend and nothing more.

Oh! Another awesome part of my day was people gossiping to my face. Not behind my back, but linking my name with other people based on nothing at all and then asking for confirmation. I am sure I must have died laughing. Can you imagine? People repeat gossip to your face and ask you to confirm. How ridiculous can this get? How I love New Yorkers...


Anonymous said...

Eh, Mondays almost always seem to be horrible days for many of us.

As for papers, isn't that what you English majors do? Read books and write papers? Beats lab reports almost any day of the week.

and talked about crazy comic strips

Calvin and Hobbes, right? Greatest comic strip ever!

Now to begin my Tuesday at work (which are sometimes as bad as Mondays...)

/The Cousin

Ezzie said...

Wait, so where was the horrible part? Just that first part?

And I'm with the Cousin. Mondays stink.

Scraps said...

Mondays ought to be abolished. But then, Tuesdays would just become the new Mondays...

Here's to wonderful people who make bad days not as bad after all. [raises glass]

Erachet said...

Calvin and Hobbes, right? Greatest comic strip ever!


Tobie said...

Mondays- ha! Come to Israel and start the week on Sundays, why don't you? I still haven't gotten over being bitter.