Friday, November 09, 2007

The Arrogant Commentator: Labeling is Back!

There's an article in The Commentator entitled "Because the World Needs More Leaders" that I can't find online. There are parts of it that are entirely disingenuous and don't even follow logically. One of these is the statement that there was a certain party which "Beren Campus RAs, EIAMATAI and QUEST fellows and Commentator editors" attended which theoretically included alcohol-laced jello shots and girls on the Wilf Campus. From this one party the author brilliantly extrapolates that "we have allowed the wrong students to take leadership roles and misrepresent us to the greater Jewish community."

That's such crap.

Because certain members of these organization attended this party (which really doesn't sound that bad, incidentally) this by default means that these students are "the wrong students?" We can assign labels like that? And why in the world do their actions mean that others who are part of these organizations, other leaders, are also at fault? Because that's the implication you're making here, that wrong students across the board "misrepresent us to the greater Jewish community!"

Who the hell died and made you God?

Wrong students. Sheesh.


Larry Lennhoff said...

I remember one memorable shalom zachar where I had to explain to a chassidic guest why he didn't want to let his 8 year old son eat the jello shots. Culture clash can be so unexpected.

G said...

Wrong writers it seems.