Monday, July 30, 2018

The 929 Post

I am super excited to embark upon my 929 Tanakh Study journey! For those of you wondering what this is, here is a brief introduction:

There are 929 chapters in Tanakh (also known as the Bible, Prophets and Writings). In Israel, the 929 initiative is the initiative to learn one chapter of Tanakh each day five days a week. The goal is for everyone to rediscover their cultural heritage, no matter whether they are observant or an avowed non-practicing atheist. The Tanakh belongs to all of us, and if we are all learning it, we can all discuss it with each other.

In that vein, I am hoping to learn a chapter a day and post up some thoughts, musings and ideas inspired by the chapter. Depending on the amount of time I have, some posts will likely be fleshed out and others will be quite short.

What should make this fun is that when I learn I like to engage with other texts, bring in pop culture, connect the ideas to lyrics of my favorite songs, reference film and otherwise be playful. So if you have any interest in Tanakh or in anything else I just mentioned, bookmark this page- as it's where I hope to update/ include all of my musings on the Tanakh I learn!

Happy learning!


Post 1- Genesis 13: A Fundamental Difference in Lot & Abraham's Natures 
Post 2- Genesis 14: A King of Sodom Who Does Not Embody Middat
Post 3- Genesis 15: Torchbearers
Post 4- Genesis 16: Our Matriarch Sarah, Worthy of Compassion 
Post 5-Genesis 17: Blood Parity

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