Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 28th Birthday Masquerade

I was feeling a bit sad about the things I felt I have not yet accomplished at this point in my life, but then my father pointed out that this year is my כח birthday. כח stands for strength and potential. So perhaps a better perspective would be to consider what I may yet do as opposed to what I have not yet done.

This Birthday Masquerade, the theme is love. But not just the flaring, sudden rush of romantic passion or infatuation. No, the theme this year is the quiet love, the love that finds itself winding around one's heart like shoots emerging from a newly planted tree, but has its roots deep in the earth. It can be love of any type- that of sister for brother, mother to child, parent to child, and of course, romantic love as well.

You are invited, this year, to a sleepy hollow in a beautiful forest. The trees stretch tall and proud, their leafy tops reaching for the sky. Shafts of sunlight sweep across the forest glade. Sticks and rocks litter the earth, and springy grass grows, pleasant underfoot. Herbs grow here as well- mint, basil, thyme and others that have healing properties. This year, we embrace nature in all its wildness while we understand its capacity to nurture and endure.

The refreshments are as you might expect- roasted wild mushrooms, crisp, tart apples, purple and orange carrots, pure water sipped from a nearby spring. Your plates are made of bark, your napkins formed of golden leaves. As party favors, I give you all crystalline branches of wood, having stolen the idea from Lena in the "Twelve Dancing Princesses." You may wear this wood as a brooch, a tie-pin or some other adornment. It is up to you!

This year, my dress is inspired by both druids and the fae. I wear long, flowing robes of hunter green edged with silver trim. Beneath the robes, a linen shift is visible, colored pale green. My feet are bare. A crown of stars rests on my head. My hair is long and tumbles past my shoulders. In my hand, I carry a slim wooden staff- whether to work magic or find water with, none yet know.

I bless you this year with the gift of deep, everlasting love. It may come in many forms- take the one that is most needed.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to come to your masquerade and fully participate in this love theme... With a crown of leaves adorning my head, and a white flowing bridal dress, my feet would like to be bare as well but will probably be sneaker-clad :) I have a fancy foreign gentleman on my arm ;) (you can read into this as much as you like just don't guess my identity publicly please!)

Anonymous said...

I enter garbed in a gown of spider silk with a wreath of flower buds in my long golden locks. The impression of a sleeping child still upon my chest, although no child has slept there in months. I weave the crystalline branches into my hair, as nothing can take up the space on my breast that hass been reserved for my little ones.The under eye bags do nothing to detract from my pale beauty as I come bearing wishes of unconditional love and acceptance on this auspicious day.

Anonymous said...

I come dressed as a penguin �� and waddle to you. My gift is a child.

I'm Late! said...

Good thing I have a white rabbit costume to hand:this way my tardiness is in theme, rather than a mistake... right? Pocketwatches and awkward T-shirts for everyone!