Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Aveirah Song T-Shirt

My husband showed me "The Aveirah Song" by Lev Aryeh guys and I've been cracking up ever since. There's only one error in the song (that I could catch)- they pronounce the name Shmuel 'Shmuel' when they should pronounce it 'Shmiel.'

Anyway, click here for the amazing song. It's a Purim parody, and it's brilliant in the way Weird Al Yankovic and Lonely Island parodies are brilliant.

I made a shirt on CustomInk.com based on the song. I know that a snake is not a sheretz, but this was the closest I could find, so consider it a lizard.

Here's a picture.

And here's where you can see the full shirt (click for the link).


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

There are other litvish pronunciations of words in the video (e.g. seuda instead of seedeh).

If you like frum parodies, check this out. http://www.rationalistjudaism.com/2013/02/purim-humor-treasury-of-classic-stories.html

100 Gates said...

it was funny, but besides shaatnez (at the beginning) many of the things they mentioned are not aveiras.