Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sleep No More: My 23rd Birthday Masquerade

Married for a year and having thrown my own gala party (albeit a Chanukah celebration for my beloved students), it's now my pleasure to invite you all to my yearly birthday masquerade. The song this time is "Masquerade" by Ashley Tisdale (lyrics here). Enjoy.

This year I turn...23.

Here's my formal invitation
You and me go masquerading
Lose ourselves in this charade and
Is this love we're imitating?
Do we want what we've got?
If not I say so what
Here's my formal invitation
Let's go, let's go masquerading

Last year's entertainment can be found here.

The rules, as always, require you to devise an anonymous handle for yourself (comment under an assumed name, not your real one and not that of your blog), create a costume and offer me a gift. The gift does not have to be tangible. Your costumes and gifts should be creative and expressive of various aspects of your personality. You are welcomed, of course, to my party. In the style of "Sleep No More," scenes are being acted out all around you - whether of a guilt-wracked Macbeth, a mad Lady Macbeth or a ghostly Banquo is up to you. As you wander through my many rooms, your faces concealed, what madness or pleasure do you find? As always, the choice is yours.


Not a Boggart said...

Oooo! Another masquerade! Oh my goodness gracious, this is so so so exciting! I flit and float and flutter and in the end decide to come to the party... Broody. Yes, I come all dark and romantic and broody, with my freshly-honed sword swinging gently from my left hip. I pour a glass of deep-red wine and sip as I survey the room. Broodily, of course. I sigh, I go into all sorts of theatrics in my head, and I approach.

And then. BAM! I'm a fairy godmother. What the heck? How did that happen? I was totally gonna be all broody and stubbly on you, and here I am, a frumpy middle-aged fairy godmother. Sheesh. Well. Um. Ahem. "Many happy returns of the day, my dear. You've already learned that the swish of my wand and sprinkling of my dust is ever so much less powerful than your will and hard work."

BAM! Changed again. This is disconcerting. Now I'm the arms-master. This is soooo weird. I think I'll leave and sleep this trip off. Before I go, here's an axe. Use it well. You'll know when and how.

Xanthine said...

Sleep no more, ay?
I come dressed in pajamas, perhaps a onesie, to pay homage to the loss of sleep...
Since you do not like coffee, but may need it to stay awake, I come bearing a coffee IV.

Tzipporah said...

I'm sorry but this is far too high-society a game for the likes of me. So I'll just have to spoil your fun and leave it at telling you (once again) to have a happy (23!) birthday.

Out from the sea... said...

Emerging from the ocean in a deep flowing teal gown, a mysterious form slowly saunters up the path leading to the grande masquerade. My dark & long wavy hair, though moist from the sea, sways in time with the squish of the gown. A seaweed & shell encrusted crown adorns my head, as gems dangle down from my earlobes and drape around my neck. Silently I enter the large room, my eyes glimmering as the candle light reflects in them while they scan the surroundings.

My shoulders roll back, my posture is straight and perfect, unusually so for any normal human. The corners of my lips subtly curl up into a smile as I walk across the room, barely making sound as I pad across the floor barefoot. An aura of calm sultriness follows as I pass by those in the room.

I stop by the one to whom the party was for, and raise my hands offering up a small gift. My head delicately inclines forward "A gift from the sea, m'lady... " wrapped in a thin kelp woven cloth you will find a glowing magically enchanted pearl that will enable you to relive any day you desire.

I slowly back away and seemingly disappear amid the crowd...

Anonymous said...

I am a magical glowing bird. I represent a great blessing and would like to bestow it upon the Birthday girl at midnight, but only if she catches me first. I'll be wondering through your many rooms, Olivia, in all my glory. Catch me and you won't be sorry.

Happy Birthday!

Hamlet said...

My black inky cloak shimmers in solemn gloom. Even in the shadows, one can make out my intense, brooding eyes, pale face, and tousled hair. They are barely a reflection of the darkness and grief I feel within. I render unto you a skull and a copy of Koheleth; both can teach the value of time on this world. Happy birthday, Chana. Wishing you a year of light.

Tzena Rena said...

Should have known better than to have brought a book to this party; did I really think I'd get any reading done?

My present to you is a
Shimmering potion
Which especially sparkles in candlelight.
It smells like nail polish
And tastes like strawberry shortcake.
Paint it on your outside
And it smooths your skin;
A drop on the tongue
Heals scars within.

Tribute, District 12 said...

I come in stealth, lest I be seen by an enemy. I steal through the arena as swiftly and silently as I can. I bear a vial of a potion that will heal your deepest hurt - a gift from a very wealth sponsor.

May the odds be ever in your favor, Chana. Happy birthday!

Duane Reade Dude said...

Excuse me, .... Chana, did you say?
Someone ordered this for you.
Here, this is the note that came along with it:

"Pretty nifty during the winter. Plus, it's hot stuff!!"

[Chana unwraps the little gold box excitedly to reveal...]

COCOA-BUTTER VASELINE (rich conditioning petroleum jelly) LIP BALM

The Stork said...

A stork flies in, carrying a bundle in its beak. It lands on the table in front of you and drops the bundle gently. The cloth falls back revealing your hearts deepest desire: a lifetime supply of milk chocolate bars.

Strider said...

I am wearing truth cloaked in joy. Sporting a look of vague vapidity I convince the doorman to let me into your private ball. I enter and spot you, mingling with the crowd.

I lay my gift--a single yellow rose-- at your empty seat and leave, wishing you a year of creativity, contentment, and beauty in every snowflake.

Anonymous said...

My name is Eblis O'Shaughnessy. I was created by and gifted by five of the Endless, but I can neither dream, nor ultimately, destroy. This is my triumph and will be my tragedy.

Messenger said...

I come again, swift as a horse in flight, over the glorious sea, through mountains and valleys- to bring a gift from the east- pungent fragrances, silver and gold, gems of all colors shining, and a wish carefully wrapped to grant you something you desire.
Happy birthday- and may it be a fabulously wonderous year.

Anonymous said...

I am dressed as a song, my musical notes glowing in the breeze. My song changes depending on my mood, and tonight I am a happy song. I make my way to you and I hand you the gift of life. Have a happy, healthy birthday!

Uncle said...

My scraggly black coat, torn and faded from years of use flaps gently behind me as I enter the ballroom. My scaly blue tale sways back and forth with my steady gait.

I nod approvingly at all the dramatic scenery that surrounds me. As a creature of culture, I can appreciate the finer arts of performance.

Adjusting my ragged tie, I stroke the tendrils hanging from my eye and focus my glowing yellow eyes on the dais where the guest of honor and her escort receive all excited party-goers.

Patiently, I wait my turn, admiring the variety of spectacles housed within this festive abode.

Finally, I step up to our honored birthday queen and greet her and her smiling escort.

I present the third greatest gift in the world - the gift of laughter. May you and Heshy enjoy it forever more.

Yehoshua HaNavi said...

I come as Yehoshua HaNavi. I wear long flowing robes, and I have a long beard. I have as many seforim as I can hold in my right hand, to review all that my rebbe Moshe Rabbeinu has taught. In my left hand, I have a broom, for I sweep the floor of Beis Medrash and clean it after all the other students have left.
I bring you a quill and a bottle of ink, for in case you ever lack for inspiration in your writing (which would be a shame as I am a big fan of your blog), perhaps a change to the writing utensils of olden days will provide inspiration.

smith said...

i have visited your site ,its quite informative

akon said...

yea i agree with you david it didnt make sense but reading thru the article it kinda makes sense

Masquerader said...

So, when are we going to have the unmasking?

Anonymous said...

Accustomed to your yearly masquerade, it is nevertheless an honor and a pleasure to attend.but I have come with a mission; I stride with purpose up to you, though you may never know. Transparent, glowing, I come from behind and touch you imperceptibly.I am already within you, ready to reverberate with life. May this year see you bearing a healthy child. May G-d entrust you and husband with a sparkle of Himself.may you have an easy, bit queasy, pregnancy, and a natural birth.

hony said...

That is so much fun!!! And I love that you spread it out, what a way to make a birthday last for a long time, the celebration just didn’t end…