Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overcoming Adversity

Many of you recall the posts I have written referencing The Golden-Haired Girl.

You probably also remember my frustration regarding Dates & Disabilities.

Then there's the part where my Golden-Haired Girl turned her supposed disability into an asset.

Well, my Golden-Haired Girl got married last night- exactly one week to the day of my own wedding.That was very special for me as it reminded me of the concept of Shemini Atzeres. We are taught that we have 7 days of Sukkot and then God wished to add on one more day because He loves His people so much that he doesn't want to let them go- so He creates an additional day of celebration in order to keep them near Him. It was amazing that Heshy and I were still in Sheva Brachos and then voila! We're attending our dear friends' simcha to hear their Sheva Brachos. It felt like an extension of our own joy.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The Golden-Haired Girl is the last child in her family to get married and so the celebration was truly intense. Whether it was the incredibly elaborate smorgasbord, the otherworldly feel (the entire hotel had been transformed into a wonderland complete with hanging votive candles, glorious flowers and glittering tablecloths) or the incredibly amazing magician-dancer- fire-eater who provided a great deal of the (wonderful!) shtick, the wedding was really lively, happy and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the union of two people whom the world did wrong to pity.


Anonymous said...

mazel tov to you and Heshy and the newlyweds!

Dana said...

I feel so honored to have attended the sheva brachot and then the wedding of two pair of people whom I love SOOO much!

Anonymous said...

There is one truth which towers high above all else in your quest to fing G-d in the human experience, and it ties in with the two weddings you have shared with us, your readers.

That truth is, G-d is life and life always wins.

May you all be blessed with the best life has to offer.