Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inertia Creeps, Moving Up Slowly

Hijacked by a life that suddenly includes the creation of wedding registries, the writing of thank-you cards, the wording on invitations, the as-yet-postponed search for a wedding gown, people deciding that they must stare at my engagement ring, people then deciding to wear my engagement ring (slightly strange, but hell, that's life), people who can't exchange two words with me without talking about my husband-to-be and the ever-prevalent comments of how small my fingers are (exclamation point, exclamation point), it's important to note the following.

-Davening at Bobov on a Friday night (the one on 48th; I have no clue what the one on 45th is like) is a life-altering experience, particularly the way everyone claps and sings before 'Boi B'shalom' and seems super-happy.

-I now know women who shave their heads and are happy about it.

-Double entendres in conversations (aka throwing in phrases that blend seamlessly into conversation and that have secret meanings for me and a few special other people at the table) is a fantastic art form that I enjoy and do well.

-Biblical Hebrew is murder.

-I love the band Massive Attack.

-If you're not a Damon & Elena shipper on "The Vampire Diaries," I'll want to know why.

-I cried when I watched this past week's "Private Practice." The little girl beating her arms against Pete in protest of the fact that her father is dead shook me up.

-It's ever-so-slightly Stepford Wife-ish when every single woman is wearing a white kerchief over her wig, a strand of pearls and diamond earrings on Friday night. It's like there's a Shabbat uniform nobody told me about. At the same time, the simple devotion and connection these women feel when they pray to God (eyes closed) is unmatchable.

-The world is a pretty place, especially when it includes Crispix.


Adi said...

DAMON/ELENA FOREVZ, seriously. i haven't been this excited about fandom since harry potter.

The Cousin said...

Alas, do not dispare--your life has been "hijacked" (your term) by a simcha! While it can be stressful (or so I'm told) if one is to have an interruption in life--is it not preferable to have such a happy one?

I know it is common for females to look at other girls rings. The act of trying someone's ring on though is a foreign concept. I shall query the girls at the office about this tomorrow.
(Hopefully them discussing something like jewelry can stave off some of their other conversations which I'd rather not hear)

Malka said...

Crispix! I have not thought about Crispix in a very long time. Now I want some. Crispix! Yay!

Unknown said...

This is starting to sound like a Chaim Potok novel...

Not a bad universe to live in.

Moshe Shoshan

Sisterbear said...

Spiritualty lives!

Gavi said...

Wedding planning can be hellish, but enjoy it as much as you can!! Hey, I remember trying to organize my wedding when my kallah and I were in Israel and we were getting married in Canada - needless to say, it was busy...

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

...biblical Hebrew is not "murder". It's actually quite simplistic.

Anonymous said...

I like this post! Especially that whole art-form thingy. ;-)

I have no idea why I'm not a Damon and Elena shipper, but I have a sneaking suspicion that may change soon. ;-)

The world *is* a pretty place.


Am Levodod said...

First and foremost Mazel Tov,
Second ,as a 48 insider i will let you in on the most common prerequisite of women head shaving :
the inside of the head is shaved from all Goyishe culture and entertainment
Third , Mazel Tov again to last.

Anonymous said...

the magid of koznitz gave a moshol, two men, one fasted the entire week, the other pretended to fast, but in fact was sneaking food the entire week. he said the first is worse, because the second man, while he's fooling the entire world, isn't fooling himself, but the first man is fooling himself.