Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Am Superwoman

Otherwise known as...productive days make my blood race. And that makes me happy. We like to squeeze out the dregs of the day.

Things I Did Today

1. Attended class from 9:00-10:15 AM
2. Met someone in a lovely hotel to discuss arrangements for a project we are working on
3. Went to Brooklyn on the Q train
4. Stopped by the little old man at Isaac's Bake Shop, whom I consider a particular friend of mine, to purchase a cookie and chat with him, then inquire as to where Eichlers is at
5. Bought birthday presents from Eichlers, called up the family and inquired as to what they wanted, and then bought more birthday presents from Oh Nuts!
6. Stopped by Mendy's for $6 bowl of chicken soup (ridiculously overpriced)
7. Took the Q train back to Manhattan, then managed to severely disable my shoe and almost break it
8. Watched "Gossip Girl" and "24"
9. Ate dinner
10. Held a meeting about living arrangements for next year, then emailed the world regarding living arrangements next year and happily, have some responses
11. Dropped off birthday present 1 at Brookdale
12. Went uptown to Washington Heights to drop off birthday present 2, then chatted politely with people in the caf store
13. Returned from uptown and was victorious in a battle against my yetzer hara. Therefore studied with a friend for 2 and 1/2 hours for our Malbim test (which is why I am now up at 2:50 AM.)


In another fun announcement, I love the song "I Can Make You Feel It" by Home Video which was played on the most recent episode of "Gossip Girl."


tnspr569 said...

Please teach us how to be so efficient - reading that list makes my head spin (just a little)!

Stern student said...'s so you!
Unpredictable and productive.
Did you end up by getting any sleep at all?

Uri said...

So...,Superwoman, how was your Malbim test?

The Talmid said...

if I only had 1 1/4 hours of class a day, I could probably accomplish a lot more than I can now... I already told you to watch 24 sooner! "zrizin makdimin l'24"

AK said...

For Chana:

"The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist".

You certainly had a busy day.

The Cousin said...

I second the "do you ever sleep" question.

And yeah, $6 for soup seems a bit pricey. Was it at least a good sized cup/bowl? My butcher shop here sells their quarts (I think it's a quart) of chicken soup for like ~$8

Anonymous said...

Maybe in Chicago that's called moving fast, here in New York, that's snail speed.

Aaron said...

why don't you describe what you did today and let us judge for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Well done! It's spring break here and I'm spending all day in my apartment staring at the wall. :-)

Anonymous said...

I encourage you to print this post and iy"h read it in 20 years and then 40 years (you'll know why then)
Joel Rich