Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Murderous Pink Crowbars

This is what I currently want to do to my Gmail, and specifically to Error 502.

I'm thinking a pink crowbar to match my pink RAZR and Bluetooth.

"This is how we fix problems in Russian space stations!"


Anonymous said...

THey make custom colored crowbars now?
Show's how behind the times I am.

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous!
Great to have you back,although you are not able to post yet. Will be looking forward.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried accessing Gmail through a mail program such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.? That might help.

Please record your actions on video for the rest of us to enjoy :-P

Anonymous said...

this is quite comical well done
i'm shocked gmail didn't help you much Gmail has been amazing for me
aim mail is awfull it keeps giving unnecessary viruses where mail which i deleted still remain with me bad
any case thanks post keep up the amazing work be in touch bye now

Ben Rosenfeld

Anonymous said...

and who would you like to murder pray tell?