Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Teddy Ruxpin

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, in audiocassette form, was my favorite tape as a child. I especially adored the song "Mudblups" which was all about the evil mudblups that infiltrated the house and got everything dirty! I remember dancing around the living room to this (Mommy, tell me that we still have this tape somewhere...I want to listen to it.)

My favorite character was Tweeg, who sang an amazing song about how he wanted to be rich. (My two favorite songs were the "Mudblups" one and the "I Wanna Be Rich" one.)

Here's part of the "Rich" song.

Huzzah for Tweeg! Tweeg owns. I'm totally Tweeg in disguise. And the supreme oppressor.


another YU student said...

I can understand why you are a Tweeg. You have a vivid imagination. After all I believe it was Tweeg-troll and an evil wizard-wannabe who thinks he has a recipe to turn buttermilk into gold.
Now...why do you believe you are a Supreme Oppressor? He is known to be a monster who wears a mask and rules everyone. Aha,it's thhis notion of ruling everyone that appeals to you.
The songs are great. I like them too.

Erachet said...

Ahhhhh! Teddy Ruxpin!!!!! To be honest, I don't actually remember Teddy Ruxpin or listening to the tape, but apparently I did love him and there are quite a few baby pictures of me and Teddy Ruxpin! Wow. This is pre-childhood. This is babyhood. Wow. :D

wsudry said...

where was my childhood...?

Aaron from YU said...

When are you planning to write/post a new story?

Looking forward to it.

Ibn Mordechai said...

Teddy Ruxpin was also my favorite

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a new Teddy Ruxpin? Do they sell him in stores?

Akira Cels said...

You can get this teddy on ebay.