Thursday, November 30, 2006

Women and Talmud Torah IX

(Material taught by Rabbi Auman, presented by Chana. Mistakes are my fault.)

Please look at Pesachim 62b:

    ר' שמלאי אתא לקמיה דרבי יוחנן א"ל ניתני לי מר ספר יוחסין א"ל מהיכן את א"ל מלוד והיכן מותבך בנהרדעא א"ל אין נידונין לא ללודים ולא לנהרדעים וכל שכן דאת מלוד ומותבך בנהרדעא כפייה וארצי א"ל ניתנייה בג' ירחי שקל קלא פתק ביה א"ל ומה ברוריה דביתהו דר"מ ברתיה דר"ח בן תרדיון דתניא תלת מאה שמעתתא ביומא מג' מאה רבוותא ואפ"ה לא יצתה ידי חובתה בתלת שנין ואת אמרת בתלתא ירחי

Rabbi Simlai came to visit/ learn from Rabbi Yochanan. "Would you please be kind enough to teach me Sefer Yuchsin (it's a sefer dealing with Divrei HaYamim)?" R' Yochanan said to R' Simlai, "Where are you from?" He said, "From Lud." "And where is your place of living?" R' Simlai says. "From Neherda- in Bavel." He said, "We don't deal with Ludim and Neheradiim." (The intimation is- you have two strikes against you, so I certainly won't teach you. Ludim are considered as not having the best reputation.) R' Simlai somehow forced R' Yochanan to teach him and R' Yochanan said okay. (Rashi suggests they specifically wouldn't teach sefer Yuchsin to those people.) R' Simlai says, "Let us learn it for 3 months." R' Yochanan threw something at R' Simlai (R' Yochanan was in a towering rage.) R' Yochanan said, "Beruriah, daughter of R' Chanina and wife of R' Meir, could learn and teach 300 halakhos in one day from 300 Rabbeim and nevertheless she couldn't learn Sefer Yuchsin in 3 years, and you think you can do it in 3 months?!"

So we see from here that Beruriah was obviously learning complicated things and is used as an example of someone with great learning, so evidently there was no problem with the ruling that women could not learn.

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