Sunday, September 10, 2006

The New Blog of the Bat-Taz

Hello everybody.

I want to direct you to my friend's blog. He lives in a relatively insular community and is bothered by issues or situation where people judge others based on their clothing or other exterior factors as opposed to their internal moral compasses. His views should be interesting due to the fact that a) he lives within this community and b) he is, obviously, male. Hence different from me! :)

He's a very nice person, has been kind to me, and has even made me laugh. He's not frightening or scary and deals very well with all kinds of intriguing situations. He writes for The Commentator; you might even have seen his work.

As he's new at this, please give him some time to acclimate to the blogging community. I'm sure with a warm welcome from all of you, he shall.

Oh- and anyone who read DovBear's Monsey post ought to read his follow-up!

Here it is, folks: Deep Thoughts of the Bat-Taz

Please stop by. Thanks so much.

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