Monday, March 27, 2006

Keren HaYeled: Project Lake Michigan

It has come to my attention that Keren HaYeled, apparently one of the of the oldest and largest orphanages in Israel, will be launching a U.S.-wide fundraising campaign by publicizing a record-breaking stunt two young men are attempting- kayaking across Lake Michigan, 100 miles in 16 hours.Whether or not they succeed, I think you will find this website interesting and informative.

I particularly like the idea that they are open to every Jewish child.

The site and mission statement is up and available at Project Lake Michigan.


Sara said...

That sounds so cool, are we going? :)

Anonymous said...

keren hayeled is trully something special , i have visited it and i can tell of you out there nothing like it. its worth a visit next time your in israel stop by and see with your own eyes
they help children as no one else

Semgirl said...

Chana, I am trying to help out their cause, check out the beautiful code they wrote for me for my blog..

Anonymous said...

keren hayeled must b one of the most amazing orphages in the world i personally know all the staff and i can tell u there all amazingly dedicated to their work give them money its worth it